The garden is currently bursting with anthocyanin goodness of late. These show stopping, eclipse ready fruits and veggies are truly a work of art and bring me so much pleasure every time I lay eyes on them.

All Blue Potato

Japaneese Pickling Eggplant

Just being a form of plant-based nutrition gives these delicacies an incredible array of health benefits by way of unadulterated vitamins and minerals. However, the darkness of their color also testifies of the high levels vitamin C and antioxidant super power they contain to help your body fight off free radicals (which has been proven to help prevent some forms of cancer), reduce cholesterol and improve heart and vision health to name a few.

Violet Sparkle Pepper

Midnight Bell Pepper

Of course, eating them organically grown and raw or even in a low-heat dehydrated form is best. But when all else fails enjoying them cooked is better than not enjoying them at all! ?

Black Beauty Tomato