You haven’t experienced Summer until you’ve had a home grown, freshly picked strawberry. Of course, if the supermarket is your only option for enjoying them then it’s all good, but if you have the means to grow your own, honey then please do. They tend to grow pretty rapidly and my patch has more than tripled in number since starting them from bare roots last Spring. However you can always keep their growth habit a bit more tamed by planting in a container if space or the lack thereof is a growing factor for you.

Because I enjoy seeing my strawberry patch grow a little crazy, harvesting can be somewhat of a daily chore as I am forced to go peeking through the bushes looking for the ripe ones before other creatures snag them first. And every morning that I do, I picture myself out there with the future littles, soaking in every fun moment of them discovering and eating the berry gems right out of hand.

Each daily harvest gives us at least 50 edible fruits with about half as much going straight to the compost thanks to some healthy critter appetite and activity that usually takes place late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. And because they’re not too far from the tap, those said edible ones are usually washed and eaten right there and then.

Maybe in time we’ll demonstrate some self control and save some for kombucha brews and smoothie drinks for the upcoming Fall and Winter but until we get there it’s gonna continue to be an overdose of fresh strawberries daily!