Summer may be over but the bounty that it gave is still fresh on my mind. Some of my favorite plants grown included the dragons, which I’ll admit was initially because of their name. But it took just one taste for them to become raving garden faves of mine.

The lavender to medium purple streaked bean pods of these Dragon Tongue Bush Beans sure set the bar high for any other podded bean I’ve yet to grow in the future. Requiring no support, they grew suspended on robust, compact bushes about a foot tall and freely swayed with every carefree summer breeze that came their way.



And seeing how the vibrant purple flowers and streaks stood out against the rich green of the leaves was premium plant porn at its finest for sure.


Growing them was as easy as directly sowing the seeds after our last chance of frost and waiting for them to peek through the soil five days later, which they all did. And as if their germination rate wasn’t impressive enough, the nine plants I grew kept me busy with daily harvests of beans producing more than enough to store and last through winter.


I enjoyed them most freshly picked from the plants to my mouth but they also ravished my stir-fry dishes and fresh garden salads. The ones picked at about 4 inches were no doubt the snappiest. But even when left to grow twice as long they maintained their stingless quality, a sure win for me as nothing messes with my chew-flow more than having to remove food from my mouth when instinctly I know it should be swallowed.


garden-grown veggies for stir fry

For the ones that stayed on the plants a bit passed their prime, I shelled and dried the inner beans and saved them for my fall soups. I even managed to save a few seeds for next year’s planting; I so can’t wait!