Sassy, feisty, eye-grabbing, stunning! The words that come to mind when I see these little carrots. Another one of Baker Creek’s winning selections, their red, orange and yellow combination of colors most accurately represent the ferocious nature of a dragon’s fire breath (though in a more beautiful way) than the other plants in this series.

Betacarotene rich within, anthocyanin rich without, its healthful properties are boldly represented all throughout the plants from their leaves, to the flowers, to their roots.

Looking at the cartoon movie Sausage Party almost discouraged me from enjoying my carrots in their baby-state but one glance at these Purple Dragon Carrots and I couldn’t resist. Actually, I ended up pulling them all before they could reach full maturity. Oh, the virtue of patience in a time like this. The taste? Sweet and crunchy with just a little kick, totally worth it.