Happy New Year! I do realize we’re a week in but no matter how late, I hope with all my heart that 2017 has met you in the best of health and with a renewal and refreshing to carry you through its 365 days. This New Year met me in the hospital. I’m ok now but spent four days hospitalized due to landing a systemic infection that had to be treated with intravenous antibiotics.

The upside of all of this was that I was able to remove myself from the noise and chaos of everyday life as usual and focus on the thing that needs to matter most. Me.

2016 was amazing by all means. I learned a lot, I grew a lot and I worked a lot. A whole lot. A little too much actually; four nights a week I spent five hours a day commuting to and from work plus an additional ten hours actually working. Add to the mix having to juggle my beloved garden, cooking and other activities of daily living, and you can see how easily overwhelming that could become. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do which is why I continue to do it, nevertheless, my life screamed for some major work-life balance adjustments.

What’s life if you don’t get to live? I mean really live. If we only get one life, one life to enjoy, one life to love, one life to laugh, one life to live, why shouldn’t it be one filled with the things we choose to sustain our happiness instead of the things society would covertly have us believe are essential when in truth they are not?

I’m no conspiracy theorist. Just a young woman who’s taken the time to fully assess her person, her goals, her place in life and where she wants to be, and I’ve finally decided to follow my dream; enjoying the simple life with the ones I love. That’s it.

On Monday I begin a new position in my career as a registered nurse. My new commute to work from door to door is a little less than five minutes drive each way, three nights a week. This leaves me with ample time for daily walks along the walkway, weekly hikes with my boo, picnics in the park, playing in the garden, blogging about the things I love and everything else in between.

2017 is gonna be great!