Ushering in the presence of new life, Spring is almost always  viewed as planting season here in these parts. Especially when being accompanied by brighter days, less crispy nights and a seemingly new lease on life, it’s certainly what the doctor prescribed for those nagging Winter blues that may have started to take a hold.

In my garden the peach trees are at the beginning of their bloom after an unexpected fruit strike last year. And though the ground is still covered in snow, the tulips have popped up to say hi along with the Fall planted garlic and perennial rhubarb.

Meanwhile in the house, seeds have been started, some have already sprouted, and all are expected to be ready for transplant come May when the outdoor weather is more conducive to their survival.

There’s much work to be done in the upcoming weeks to get the garden in tip top shape, but if only for the heightened sense of connection and energy I get from perusing my great outdoors, it will no doubt be worth it. Happy first day of Spring!