The six things that made life all the more sweeter these past few weeks…

  1. Are you into recycling? I love it! In fact, I put these cute packets together using paper bags that we had stashed from our non-reusable grocery bag shopping days. They were mailed out just yesterday to those of you who indicated that you wanted to re-create this spectacular dragon salad. Sorry for that almost two week delay by the way; turns out that there was a backorder of the arugula seeds coming from Canada. No worries though, you should have them in your mailbox by next week’s end.

2. The most resilient lettuce I know. Planted last spring, these greens earned their right to survive by trucking on through this past winter and its three blizzards with no protection. Now with just a little housekeeping and reorganization, they’re ready to take on spring and summer in all their apparent non-bolting glory.

3. And speaking of reappearing, the mints are back! Pictured blow right is the peppermint but we also have some chocolate and spearmints waking up as well. The yarrow (pictured left) are going to be transplanted in the main garden for the sake of space.

4. Taking the cue from my friend Anne, my potato spuds have made it into the ground. We normally cut and plant them in containers but this year I wanted to try it the original way and planted up two beds full of the stuff. Only time will tell what the yield will be but I’m hoping for enough taters to carry us through to next year.??

5. With all the beautiful weather in the forecast I figured why not get started on the tomato seedlings. So 23 seedlings of 10 varieties are now in the ground and ready for takeoff.

6.  For those of you who drink kombucha, did you know that you can make your own SCOBY at home? This one took me just three weeks to get to just a little under an inch in size. I’ll be sharing this process with you in a more detailed post in some weeks to come.