The six things that made life all the more sweeter these past few weeks…

1. My newly potted lemon balms, 3 to be exact.  I know I should probably let them grow a little more before I start tearing away at them but ever since I had that first taste by way of freshly brewed lemon balm tea, I can’t contain myself. Now it’s lemon balm tea for breakfast and dinner with a little mint tea for lunch. Spoiled? You bet I am!

2. Zucchinis are coming, zucchinis are coming!!!! And both male and female flowers stems have already appeared. Remember last year’s monster zukes? Well I’m hoping to match or beat their record this year. ?

3. Bintje potatoes…I think. ??‍♀️ Thanks again Anne for suggesting that I plant these when I did and Kel for persuading me to plant them in the ground. The only problem I’m having with these plants is that they’re growing waaaay faster than I could have EVER imagine. And there are 2 of these beds that I’m adoring daily but also struggling a lot to keep with their soil and hilling demands. #goodproblems

4. I don’t remember the exact variety but these are a form of curly kale and they’re monstrous! They also taste superb and we’ve been enjoying them with our breakfast smoothies on a somewhat daily basis.

5. We can’t beat the beets this year! ??? At the moment it seems we may have more beets than we know what to do with. Well not really, because I can eat these roots every day raw or roasted for breakfast and not get tired of them!

6. Do you see what I see? Peaches, oh yeah! ???????? Happy girl dance!