The six things that made life all the more sweeter these past couple weeks…

1. Garlic season is finally here and it looks like we’ve outdone ourselves this year. Thanks Anne for your smart recommendation of the Music variety; it was by far our best performing.

2. The first patty pan squash; I can’t wait to stuff it with some mint couscous then stuff it down my face! ??

3. Beets galore. Some of these will be pickled and fermented while the others will be enjoyed especially with breakfast and some dinners.

4. So I’ve been feeding a sourdough starter for the past few days and it’s almost ready to be put to use for daily baking and everyday cooking. I got it going by using a culture I purchased online. Details to follow soon.

5. These potatoes planted with the garlic didn’t want to be left behind and came up without a fuss while I was pulling on a garlic stalk. I’m so impressed with how much better they have grown planted in the ground versus being in containers and they already have their beds selected for next year’s planting. Meanwhile the head of garlic I was working on rooting up is still in the ground. I guess they’ll be volunteering their services next year. ?

6. After our initial picking, bean harvests like these come around every 3 days or so and are a delight to my eyes and palate. They make the perfect lightly sautéed side dish that doesn’t last quite long enough.