The six things that made life all the more sweeter these past few weeks…

1. Taking in this beautiful view! I still can’t believe it’s Fall already but shhhhh, don’t tell the garden that, it’s filled with lots of garden goodies; truly the gifts that keep on giving.


2. We built a greenhouse y’all! We actually put it together a few weeks ago but I’m still so giddy with excitement that it truly feels like just yesterday.  Oh the greatness that’s about to go down in there this Winter and beyond.


3. The infamous lettuce bed is back but this time it’s taken up residence in the raised wrap-around bed that’s just off of the newly renovated side yard/fire pit garden…..


4. ….and they even boast having artichokes as roommates as well, four to be exact. I’m experimenting with overwintering them this year in the hopes that we get some beautiful blooms next Spring.


5. This beautiful Red Russian kale. There are currently two of them growing in the garden plus a couple other varieties as well. It’s sure as heck going to be a kale of a Winter 😉


6. Our recent grape harvests have boosted our confidence levels and gave us the encouragement to get the vines ready early in preparation for next years’ harvests.