It doesn’t take much to get me excited, just throw a few seeds and dirt my way and I start drooling on cue much like Pavlov’s beloved hounds. Maybe it’s my excitement for the highly anticipated beautiful weather up ahead. Or maybe it’s the genetic expression of the hunter/gatherer aspects of my “O” blood type. Or it just may be my child-like zeal for getting plain down and dirty with no restriction. Whatever it is, as long as it involves growing, gathering and storing my own food, I’m game!

This year’s garden is already leaps and bounds ahead of everything I’ve envisioned for it, to the point where I’m now wondering if I have the required space for all the varieties my heart is set on growing. I’ve already transplanted over 100 seedlings into bigger pots with easily another 200 more to go. Amongst those are sweet, hot & seasoning peppers, tomatoes, radishes, eggplant, spinach, beets, kale, beans, collards, kohlrabi and onions. And yet to be started are the corn, melons, squash, cucumbers, celery, potato and peas. For the most part I anticipate transplanting my starts at or around the time of our last chance of frost come May. But the more cold hardy and Spring loving crops should be ready for the great outdoors within the next few weeks.

By the looks of things you would think I’m planning on feeding the village but my household currently only contains two adults. Any extra seedlings or harvested produce we grow are usually shared with our nearby friends and family. Gardening this way easily helps us to save well over a couple thousand dineros a year as we don’t have to rely on heavily priced produce that have journeyed hundreds or even thousands of miles to end up on our dinner plates. Not only that, but we have the added assurance of knowing that they’re all grown organically in word AND in deed. But that’s a conversation for a different day.

So what seeds have you started? I’m curious to know.