Kale resides in my garden primarily for use in smoothies, salads and as the occasional soup filler. It’s such a smart way to get those essential micronutrients into my body without thinking too hard about it. And after seeing the size of these stalks this morning, I’m now thinking that some kale chips wouldn’t be such a bad idea too.

Don’t let the headline picture fool you, most of those robust stalks proudly parading their leaves boast an impressive 2 feet of length! Imagine my surprise as I went to harvest a leaf for my breakfast smoothie and ended up with this pretty little, errr, big miss. It’s pleasant surprises like these that make this lifestyle choice so fun and rewarding; garden shenanigans at its finest!

I somehow lost track of my seedlings during transplant and am not sure which variety this one is but I’m leaning towards the blue kale (seeds) I purchased from Baker Creek. One thing that’s for sure is that whichever variety it is, it certainly deserves to be planted again come Fall.